V-coool transparent clear waterproof zipper hand bag+2pc double contour wave reusable ice brick pack

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V-coool transparent clear  waterproof zipper hand bag with 2pcs double contour wave  reusable ice brick pack for breast milk storage bottle or canned drinks in thermal insulated cooler lunch bag

Use to keep breast milk cold for longer time: 10-12hours

Reusable, safe, leak-proof, long lasting, for heavy-duty use

Contoured and can fit up to 6 bottles using 2 bricks in most cooler bags. Can fit up to 4 bottles using 1 brick in small (medela) cooler bags.

Use three ice bricks in most cooler bags or two ice bricks in small (medlea) cooler bags to extend coldness up to 18hours.

Close and shake to turn water and powder into gel. Store in freezer until frozen. Use and reuse.

Clear bag L22 x W14 x H14 cm

Double wave ice L14 x W5 x H11cm each











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