About Us

Hi Everyone! My name is Loida and I created this online store. As you might have guessed, I am a working & nursing mom. Here's my story:

Within 2 months after giving birth to our first child, the little one in the homepage cover picture, I already returned to work. I was the first to use the lactation area in my workplace. After about 3 months of having the lactation area for myself, I am already sharing the space with two other working & nursing moms who also just got back from maternity leave and whom I have encouraged in some ways to continue breastfeeding. I was also able to reach out to maybe five wives or sisters of my co-workers and friends to do the same. I did this simply by sharing online what things I used and needed to continue to breastfeed even after going back to work. 

This gave me the idea to sell these things and so built this online store with the goal of:

"Inspiring the Working & Nursing Mothers to successfully continue their breastfeeding journeys even after going back to work."

In the aim, I used the word "inspiring" as an action word but I love how we can also use it as a descriptive word:

Being a Working Mother is inspiring. Being a Nursing Mother is also inspiring. But being Working & Nursing Mother is most inspiring.

I also want to use the letters WMN to represent women. I rightfully placed the letter M for mothers at the center. Mothers oftentimes become invisible after the birth of their child despite being the ones to go through all the pain. Seeing that there are so many baby stores around which may also serve expectant mothers, I found that only a few stores are for new mothers, especially working moms, so this one is for them.

The logo is a symbol I drew to represent a breastfeeding mother and child.